This affordable ski destination is a storybook come to life

Published 02-12-2020

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For many, their ideal image of a serene mountain town is a cozy village nestled in the mountains of Switzerland, Austria, Italy or France. But taking a family ski trip to one of these dreamy destinations can take a lot of time, money and planning. To experience the magic of an Alpine ski village without taking a trans-Atlantic flight, consider a ski vacation to Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada.

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Home to the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, this ski town is just a short road trip or flight away for many Americans. Its cobblestone streets, colorful buildings and mountain backdrop create a scene from a storybook. The town's restaurants, bars and cafes also offer plenty of rich, French-Canadian fare.

On top of being easier and cheaper to reach, the resort offers a variety of slopes with quality grooming at reasonable rates. The average price of a peak-season, one-day adult lift ticket in the United States was $94 in 2018, according to ski magazine But for the 2020 ski season, Mont Tremblant's adult single-day lift tickets are running $75, or about $64 a day if you buy multi-day passes.

Accommodation options range from chic boutique hotels to chain hotels and simple rentals. During the 2018-19 ski season, lodging costs averaged about $70 per person per night, according to a report by HomeToGo.

For an Old World ski trip closer to home, the town of Mont-Tremblant is a charming choice. Mont Tremblant Ski Resort is just one of the many best affordable ski vacation destinations in North America.

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